“Meet Local Cougars Near Me” – Top Websites to Date, Find Online Quickly

Some young males ask themselves: “How to find cougars in my area?” We can help in this matter. Also we’ll tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of having a relationship with cougars.

How to find cougars in my area?
There are two ways to search for cougars: the Internet (dating online) and real places. Of course, the most popular way is the Internet. However, online sites have flaws, the main drawback is that you cannot see a potential partner in live mode. On the other hand, on the streets, it is very difficult to find a cougar. If you love challenges, it can be a good experience for you.

Places to meet local cougars
If you are a very lucky man, you can find a cougar on the street, in a store or library. But usually, women do not go to such places to find a young lover. You’d better go to a club or a bar, but that’s also not a guarantee of your success. So let’s consider how to meet online with a cougar.

Cougars near me websites
On the Internet, there are many sites designed to search for cougars. The best portal to meet local cougars is CougarsNear.Me. With the help of this online tool, you can find naughty cougars living in your region. You have the possibility to enjoy adult-fun with older females by simply entering your data into the special field.

Сougars near me – are they worth it?
Males searching for “cougars near me” are usually looking for financial support, patronage, and, of course, good sex. Let’s consider some dos and don’ts for picking up older female and relationships with her.

Here are the advantages of such relationships:

1. Sexuality. Many women over 30, and in particular those who have recently experienced a divorce, do not seek a serious relationship – their goal is to maximize the pleasures of having sex. Male peers do not have enough energy to meet their desires, so they need a young partner. Moreover, middle-aged women behave much more calmly. In most cases, women with age, gain self-confidence, get rid of stiffness, and therefore are able to give unforgettable sex without any limitations. If you want to become a great lover and are not ready for a serious relationship; then, a romance with a middle-aged woman is your option. Of course, not every young lady has a great experience in her 35 years. Many females at this age still do not know exactly what they want, and they do not know how to enjoy sex, but they aren’t popular among men.

2. Ability to enjoy sex. As sexologists say, only after reaching the age of thirty, women begin to fully understand all the delights of sex, they become more responsive to caresses, their sensuality increases. It is very important for a man to know that his partner gets real pleasure in bed.

3. Great life experience. Over the years, women learn to cope with their fears, doubts, and anxieties. An adult partner has enough experience to decide for what the main thing in her life is, and what the secondary one is. She is aware of what she is going to and should wear to arouse a man. She does not need dating tips for women.

4. The sense of confidence. These women are confident that they will be able to cope with everything life will throws at them. Of course, this does not mean that they do not have menses and bad moods, but they are wise enough to realize that life consists not only of shopping in malls and partying in clubs.

5. Ability to be obsessed with sex. A woman in adulthood feels that old age is getting closer, that’s why during each sex she tries to enjoy the process maximally, completely surrender to her partner. Moreover, thanks to her grown experience, she tries to provide the man no less pleasure than she feels.

6. There are no obligations. Most mature women understand that sex is not the reason for marriage and do not tell every new partner to get acquainted with their parents. They are often ready for the one-night stand. That’s why many men are looking for cougars.

7. Ability to “adjust” an erection. Some young men may suffer problems with an erection (usually psychological). Women with a lot of experience can use caresses so that quickly cause an erection. This kind of skill is very appreciated by men who want to find cougars.

Disadvantages of cougars near me
As for disadvantages, by the age of 40, a woman is often surrounded by children, ex-husbands, and lovers. She may have experience of divorce, financial problems, etc. Therefore, if you chose a relationship with such a woman, you must understand and accept it with all age-related problems. You should be prepared for the fact that a middle-aged woman has her own worries and you are not the only reason for these worries.

Other disadvantages of cougar dating are:

1. Not a very beautiful body. Of course, the age affects the beauty of the woman’s body: the boobs have slightly sagged, and the skin loses its elasticity. Not every man will want to show off such a mistress during a reception with some business partners.

2. Cougars notice all the shortcomings. A mature woman is more difficult to mislead. If you are far from macho, then you will not be able to seem so in her eyes.

3.Increased requirements. During their lives, mature women have experienced many sexual techniques.
Now they know how to have excellent sex. Therefore, if a man does not like her as a lover, she will easily find him a replacement.

4. Public attention. The situation when a man is much older than his partner is perceived by society as a normal phenomenon, which cannot be said about the situation when older women dating younger men. Therefore, if you are still decided on these relations, be prepared for a negative assessment of others, including relatives and friends.

As you can see, there aren’t many disadvantages in relationships with women of mature age than merits. However, if you are into it, it is easy to disregard all the drawbacks, as they say – when there’s a will, there’s a way!


Myths About Dating Older Females (as Cougars Say) and Their Debunking!

Being a cougar isn’t an easy task. Older women dating younger men have to contend with the opinions of others; and, always be in good shape to attract young people. A cougar (“puma”) is an independent and young-spirited women who likes younger males.

The term “cougars” has become very popular lately. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many myths that concern the cougars. In this article, we’ll talk about these myths and try to debunk them (the article is based on the publications of real cougars).

Myth 1 – A cougar is a bad woman that hunts innocent young male persons

Hunters are usually men. Some young men prefer older women (different type of women, such as redheads, blondes, females with big boobs, etc.). Cougars are very confident in themselves; this makes them a sitting prey for young men. Often, young men just look for older women to have sex. They want to experience new sensations, as it is known that the “golden era” of sex for women is in their 30-40 years. Therefore, usually, an elderly woman is not a predator but a victim. Of course, some women are looking for young men at the best free cougar dating sites. But this does not mean that they are hunters. They just want someone to hunt for them.

Myth 2 – “He will cheat you! Look at Demi & Ashton!”

The problems of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore arose primarily because of the suspicions of Demi in the infidelity of Ashton. Demi Moore is one of the prototypes for a cougar phenomenon. However, she had many problems with self-esteem that does not correspond to the image of a typical cougar. Ashton cheated on her because he is, simply, just a cheater.

A cougar becomes bored with old men who lose attraction with age. In addition, these men lose their sexual power. Therefore, a cougar, often cannot feel the joy of living with an elderly man. As a result, she begins to look for a young fan.

Myth 3 – A young man will not be able to cause a woman’s interest for a long time

Some cougars say that when they began to meet with young people, they hated their musical tastes. However, over time, they also fell in love with unusual music (such as indie rock and rap for example). It is necessary to take into account the interests and tastes of others. This is the guarantee for a good relationship.

Also, it should be noted that the level of intelligence does not depend on age. Your young man may be smarter than many of your peers. It is known that many “pumas” go to bed late, talking with their young men about the meaning of life.

Myth 4 – A young man will want his own children

The situation when one person wants children and another does not want is a problem for any couple. Usually, young people do not want children and choose older females because they will not want a marriage and children.

Also, people often say that a young man should not choose a woman who already has children. Well, it’s a private matter for everyone. When a young man loves a woman, he will be with her, regardless of whether she has children or not.

Myth 5 – A female will not fit into circle of young man and vice versa

A couple can experience some negative cues especially at the beginning of their relationship. For example, people can say something like “Is this your son?” or “Who is this? Your mother?” In any case, there will be some that will support your relationship and vice versa. You should be prepared for any problem, ranging from admiration to hostile attitudes from friends, acquaintances, and even parents.

Myth 6 – With age, a cougar becomes unattractive to her beloved one

Cougars maintain their physical form in good condition and try to be attractive at a very old age. Any woman grows old over time, but the cougar does it gracefully. Cougars have money, time and opportunities that allow her to stay young for a long time. If a young man meets an older woman, it usually means that he chose her because of her mind and appearance.

Myth 7 – A cougar will miss the time while her young man will make a career

A cub has less “baggage”, such as a former wife and children (as is the case of older men). Therefore, he has more free time. As for an elderly woman, she can freely find a way to entertain herself while a young man is at work. For example, she may have children, a career, and a business.

Myth 8 – A young man considers his peers (females) more sexual

Young males find females sexual, regardless of their age. They say that an elderly woman is more experienced in bed and does various interesting things. Sexual energy often attracts younger male persons to older ladies.

Myth 9 – Children never accept cubs dating their cougar mothers

Over time, children will see that their mother is happy with the young guy (if this is so). If they are adequate people, they will accept their mother’s choice. They understand that their mom and her boyfriend should be happy.

Myth 10 – “Cougar-cub” relationships are unstable and will end after a while

This is a very common myth. However, it was debunked by practice. Usually, if people love each other, their relationship lasts a very long time.


Identifying and Attracting Older Women (Cougars) – Tips for Younger Men!

Cougars are women, in the age of 40 years, who meet with a man who is younger than them by about 10 years. In mass culture, these females are described as predatory & “bad” individuals; but now, cougars are actively fighting this stereotype. They say that they are tired of boring and unromantic relationships with old men. They want to meet with younger and more interesting men. Many young men wonder: “How to find cougars in my area?” In this article, we will give advice on finding and attracting cougars.

How to identify a cougar?

You should forget everything you know about this type of women. If you want to meet with a middle-aged female, you’ll need to drop all stereotypes and treat her like an ordinary person; and, not as a desperate predator.

Determine the age of the woman. Typically, a cougar is a woman older than 40, but some men think that women 35 plus also belongs to this category. Many women take care of themselves to slow the aging process.

Evaluate the makeup of a female person. Psychologists say that physical attractiveness is an important factor for men in choosing a partner. The physical attractiveness of men is not so important for women, they can primarily pay attention to the education, financial capabilities and humor of a man. With age, a woman strengthens her make-up to hide the signs of old age. She can apply lipsticks, pencils and blush. Also, contouring is a popular make-up technique among cougars.

How to attract a cougar?

You should clearly know what you want & be truthful with a female about this. It might just be sex or prolonged relationships, but tell your partner about your long-term intentions (you shouldn’t do it). If you only need sex, you should not behave as if you want a serious relationship. Women also love sex; so, they can normally embrace this kind of relationship. The main thing is that you need to tell her about this.

Lay aside the prejudices of a lifetime; of course, some middle-aged women fit established stereotypes. The behavior of any person will vary regardless of who he (she) is – a cougar, a young girl, or a young cub. If you’re intended to date an old lady, you need to forget about all the stereotypes. It is better to get to know her and find out all the information that interests you.

Show a cougar that you want to have a date with her. Let the woman know about it. The order of your actions depends on where you meet the cougar. For example, if you see an attractive woman in a bar, you can smile at her (if she does the same thing). If you’re interested in a female who jogs where you do, you should initiate the talk after the end of the run. You should not talk about something serious; the best topics for conversation, in this case, are weather and sports.

Be ready for rejection. If a female rejects you, you should take it with dignity. Do not threaten her or say bad things. You can just express your sadness (this can be done in a witty way).

Don’t try to be “old”. If you have a desire to meet an elderly female, you need to behave like a young man and not pretend to be an older person. Many cougars are looking for young men because they are more interesting, more open & more romantic. So, be yourself, and try innovative things on dates. Share your avocations (hobbies) with your female partner and find out more about her avocations. It might turns out that you have some common interests.

Respect promises made to a woman & be reliable. Most of the cougars had a lot of relationships They aren’t interested in bad games. Canceling a meeting at the last moment and forgetting to call, are things that are not accepted by cougars (unlike some younger, less experienced women).

Tips and warnings

If you’re seeking mature women dating, you should have realistic expectations. For example, if a cougar has a child (or children) and her age is over 45, it’s unlikely that this female wants more. Be ready to be condemned by others. Most likely, if you meet a female older than you, a lot of other persons can judge you. However, the most significant thing is mutual happiness, do not let anyone destroy it.


9 Fascinating Female Characteristics that Men Become Obsessed With!

There are many women’s features, besides beauty, men become obsessed with. When a man is in love, he does not cease to think about the object of his desires.

It is an obsession that forces the man to take unexpected and brave deeds to stay with the one they love. Many women are wondering what makes men go crazy for some women.

At the same time, they often do not even suspect that it can be simple trifles, which will help achieve powerful results.

1. Your glance

Do not ask why this happens, but many men cannot resist an attractive woman who looks at them. Even scientific research has confirmed that women who are able to maintain eye contact, have much higher chances to make men fall in love with them.
Most guys just melt when they catch the gaze of the girls. Even a little interest, and flirty looks, can make a man spread his wings and demonstrate himself in all his glory.

2. Your care

Deep in their minds, most men are looking for a woman who can take care of them, make them better and become a good mother for their children.
This explains why many men can be stunned by a girl who knows how to cook, loves hugs and the girl, who man’s mother will definitely accept.
Since cooking and caring for children are predominantly female characteristics, many men desperately want a woman in their life companion. However, in the modern world, this becomes rarer, women prefer a career to the household. So, if you naturally possess these qualities, many men can fall at your feet.

3. Your appearance

We would be lying if we said that men do not pay attention to a woman’s appearance. However, many young ladies think that they need to look like a model to make a man fall in love with them. This is not the truth.

In truth, most guys like imperfect women. There are men who like a small tummy, freckles or small stretch marks. All this says about your uniqueness; and, ultimately, a man wants a real woman.

4. Your sense of style

If you recall many sex symbols of modern times, you will notice that many of them are remembered for their distinctive style.
Everyone remembers the cult image of Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany”. The image of a small black dress, pearls, and a classic hairdo. Unsurpassed style of Marilyn Monroe is recognizable as the image of a sexy blonde in elegant feminine dresses. In other words, a man can fall in love with how a woman presents herself. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a slightly crazy indomitable style; or, a refined and conservative one.

5. Your mind and depth of character

Many men complain about the difficulty to meet a woman, with whom they can talk about serious topics. Although you always hear tips about how ladies should pretend to be fools; but, in fact, stupidity does not impress a man. On the contrary, standing out against the background of others, and throwing your man a challenge; you force him to look at you in the best way possible.

6. Your confidence and self-will

For centuries, societies believed that women should obey their man. And, men often say that they would like to have more docile and lovely wives.

In fact, it turns out that this is not the woman’s feature men are attracted by (therefore, often males prefer dating older women). Uncertainty and complexes are not sexual. Men want to see confidence and perseverance.

7. Your opinion about him

Some men become obsessed with the one who ignores them. They want all women to notice them; so, the only one that has not been obsessed by their charm, . The other becomes completely unarmed in front of a woman who saw many good things that others can not overlook in him.

In other words, men, in fact, are concerned about what women think about them. Sometimes such attachment to her view turns into a real obsession. It is interesting that, sometimes, it is difficult to understand what really makes a man fixated on you: your opinion about him or something more.

8. Your sexuality

When it comes down to sexuality, the woman’s plays a huge role in how much a man can become possessed. This does not mean that you need to get out of your skin to demonstrate your sexuality or to behave like the Virgin Mary.

Everyone knows that men often imagine women in a certain sexual manner. However, each man has his own preferences. Some secretly fantasize about the imperious “mistress”, while others are excited by modest and innocent young ladies. It is important to remember that no matter how you express your natural sexuality, some man will definitely be obsessed with it.

9. Your culinary abilities

The saying “the way to an Englishman’s heart is through his stomach” is as old as the hills, and it’s hard to argue with it.

Many men made the decision to marry a woman after investigating her culinary abilities. Some may even cry at the bottom, scenting the smell of the cakes their former baked.
Do not underestimate the importance of culinary abilities. Even if it sounds old-fashioned, a woman who cooks well, always has a trump card in her sleeve.


Psychological Methods for Attracting Men – Some Tips for Your Success!

How to become a magnet for men?

Psychologists claim that it is not so difficult to attract a man. It’s as easy as winking. But, you need to understand the male psychology, to make a man fall at your feet.

Indeed, if you know some of the methods, you can easily conquer both a young inexperienced man, and a hardened old bachelor. And most importantly, these psychological tips are very practical, and proved by many women. So, here are 5 psychological techniques that will help attract the sterner sex.

1. The bright appearance will be an advantage

It is a common thing, that naturalness is in fashion. But elementary care for herself and the maintenance of appearance in the proper form are not be underestimated. Both young men and users of senior dating sites like brilliant beauties who love their body. The sterner sex will not be ashamed to go out with such lady. Other people’s opinions are very important for men.

35 years old Ann says: “I met my current boyfriend on the beach. He said that he had noticed my beautiful body, packed in a pretty pink swimsuit, from a distance. My appearance is the bait on which men fall, and I constantly work on improving my body.”

2. Active life position will definitely attract a man

If the girl is sitting at home all the time, her chances of arranging her personal life tend to zero. No one will bring the groom to your door. You need to look for him yourself. You should not stay at home all the time. You need to be in crowded places, look at others, and stop hiding.

Clarissa, 27 years old, says: “When I was 20 years old, I could not stand companies, I did not even have girlfriends. Immediately after my college classes, I used to go home and lock myself in my room. But, then I got a job. Gradually I began to spend more time in the company of interesting people. And I met my fate at one of the parties.”

3. Smile increases the chances of getting to know each other.

A gloomy and discontented face looks like a mask. Such girl closes as much as possible. It’s even frightening to start a conversation with her. Men pass by serious girls. They do not want to interfere with their spiritual problems. Only resenting your permanently displeased expression, you can find beloved one.

25 years old Britney says: “I was often told that I looked like a prosecutor or a security guard. I had very strained expression. Sometimes other people even asked whether I am fine. I think my acid look prevented me from building a relationship. I decided to put an end to my displeased grimace. I practiced in front of a mirror, I even enrolled in acting courses to mute my facial expressions. I am sure that after overcoming this problem, my personal life has improved.”

4. Direct visual contact signals an openness and desire to strike up an acquaintance

Girls often do not look into men’s eyes. They avoid this small but important ritual. It is impossible to make a mash on chosen man if you won’t look at his eyes. It doesn’t mean that you should languidly look into everyone’s eyes. But if you are interested in a certain man, it should be demonstrated with the help of an appealing and sexual look.

Catherine, 37, says: “I met my husband in the park. We just sat on opposite benches and exchanged glances. I wanted to say that I liked him with the help of my own eyes. And it worked. We dated in the evening.”

5. Acute mind in conjunction with sexuality is a grim cocktail

Men like smart ladies, who can start a dispute and keep any conversation. But, they are not averse to starting a relationship with a girl who will not let them sleep in the bed. This combination of sex and intelligence allows you to tame a man for the whole life. A well-read beauty who can talk about international politics and handcuff a man to a bed is the secret dream of any male person.

Angelina, 29, says. “I never disdain for bed experiments. My husband and I love sex; we experiment constantly. We are never bored in bed. But at the same time, we always have interesting topics for conversation. We are happy to discuss news, politics; we have a common hobby.”

It is not hard to attract a man to your destiny. You just have to enjoy the process; and then, the man will not be the goal of all your life, but a pleasant bonus. With the help of 5 psychological advice (which are taken from the best dating advice books for women) you can find yourself not only a lover, but also a real life partner.


Useful Tips on How to Keep a Man Interested in You & Save Relationship

Having met a beautiful man, a woman tries to attract him in every possible way. If she succeeds, she begins a promising relationship (as she believes), for which she can do a lot of things. That’s a given! After all, this is a loved one! She begins to devote to him all her free time, forgetting about her own interests & hobbies, which gradually decrease. The circle of communication becomes less and less. As a result, it starts to include only the lover. The woman thinks that everything is very good and she relaxes. But that is a mistake.

Possible problems

Plunging into happy dreams of a long happy life with a man, a woman does not notice any changes; especially, if they concern the behavior of your beloved one. Typically, all this is noticed a little too late. Sometimes, a long-awaited loved one, instead of offering hands and hearts, speaks of a break-up. Terribly worrying, a female begins to think over and over in her mind: “What has happened? Where did I do wrong? Why don’t I understand?” As a result, like most of the female population of the planet, a woman comes to the conclusion that “All males are bastards, they don’t understand what they want!”.

We will try to understand the reasons that lead a male person to lose interest in a woman he recently loved. Analyzing these reasons, and also following dating tips for women listed below, you can always remain the only one for your beloved man without worrying about your rivals. You simply will not have these rivals!

Some reasons why relationships deteriorate

It should be noted that all of us tend to seek novelties. Women may find these novelties in a new wardrobe or a new hairstyle, but men need a presence of novelty in his relationship with a woman.

Each man; in fact, is a conqueror. So, a woman should present herself in such a way that a man always wants to conquer her. This stimulates instinctive feelings of conqueror, and enhances interest in the woman. A female may belittle her own importance in the eyes of a beloved man if she looks like an easy meat.

These are the most significant aspects of cooling relationships between male & female. A variety of factors may serve as triggers of such a deterioration.

Ways to keep a male interested in you

How to keep a male interested in you for a long period of time? First, you should change yourself. You should be the woman of his dreams. You should look confident, strong, and perfect. As result, a man will not be bored with you. It is very significant from the very beginning of your relationship to let a male understand that he is unique for you.

So, here is the list of recommendations designed for keeping your man interested in your personality:

  • Reproaches, groundless blaming, excessive jealousy – all these things should be thrown away. In many cases, these things can lead to relationship deterioration. Keep calm when solving problems in your relationship. You should use such tools as comprise, to try to save your normal mood and that of your partner. You shouldn’t show your jealousy. You have to trust your man. If he is a cheater, just break off the relationship.
  • On any date with a man, you should always have a good mood. You should look your best, while remaining mysterious to some extent (not so much!). Your lover should think that you have an interesting life, which is full of events and great things. You should show your lover that your perfect dress and makeup are intended, exclusively, for your date with him.
  • You shouldn’t limit the freedom of your lover. This doesn’t mean that you have to encourage him into having relationships with other females; but, you should adhere to some limits. Your concern shouldn’t transform into total control, and the love shouldn’t switch to obsession.
  • Sometimes, you can try not to answer his calls or refuse to have a date with him, blaming some last minute urgent matters that need to address. These things will prove (as he will think) that your life is in full swing; therefore, you cannot have a date at any moment. However, don’t refuse a man too often. This may lead to the opposite of the expected outcome.

A man should be periodically surprised (in positive sense of this word). A female, about whom a male knows everything, becomes fully uninteresting. Active demonstration of your attractiveness to other male persons will help you to keep attention of your lover. If you have some complexes regarding your look, it is better not to mention it to your man. If you’re confident about your beauty & attractiveness, you look more seductive. A man should feel himself the cock of the dunghill. He wants to be a dominate person by his nature. So let a male make his own decisions & take care of you. If his decision is non-appropriate for you, you can change it into one that is beneficial to you (but you need to do it carefully).

How to keep a married lover?

You have a married lover and want to keep him? So we have some extra tips for you. You shouldn’t try to be like a wife for your beloved one. Such a behavior can scare a man person. It also means that you shouldn’t do routine things (such as cleaning & cooking) when a man is in your home. A lover has a relationship with you because he wants to take a break from daily issues, to enjoy love & harmony. As a result, you should be a perfect female who can bring him unforgettable happy moments and good sex.

To keep a lover who has a wife, you shouldn’t be a hysterical person. For example, if your beloved male cancels your date because of a need to solve any family issues, you should keep calm and give him support. You knew what you were signing up for, right?

If you want to keep a married lover, you should be calm. Do not whine if your lover does not invite you on the holiday. The best option in such cases is to find a hobby. Family is the most important priority for a lover. His legal wife has more rights than you are, at the moment. Do not become attached to him, you must understand that your relationship is temporary.