Identifying and Attracting Older Women (Cougars) – Tips for Younger Men!

Cougars are women, in the age of 40 years, who meet with a man who is younger than them by about 10 years. In mass culture, these females are described as predatory & “bad” individuals; but now, cougars are actively fighting this stereotype. They say that they are tired of boring and unromantic relationships with old men. They want to meet with younger and more interesting men. Many young men wonder: “How to find cougars in my area?” In this article, we will give advice on finding and attracting cougars.

How to identify a cougar?

You should forget everything you know about this type of women. If you want to meet with a middle-aged female, you’ll need to drop all stereotypes and treat her like an ordinary person; and, not as a desperate predator.

Determine the age of the woman. Typically, a cougar is a woman older than 40, but some men think that women 35 plus also belongs to this category. Many women take care of themselves to slow the aging process.

Evaluate the makeup of a female person. Psychologists say that physical attractiveness is an important factor for men in choosing a partner. The physical attractiveness of men is not so important for women, they can primarily pay attention to the education, financial capabilities and humor of a man. With age, a woman strengthens her make-up to hide the signs of old age. She can apply lipsticks, pencils and blush. Also, contouring is a popular make-up technique among cougars.

How to attract a cougar?

You should clearly know what you want & be truthful with a female about this. It might just be sex or prolonged relationships, but tell your partner about your long-term intentions (you shouldn’t do it). If you only need sex, you should not behave as if you want a serious relationship. Women also love sex; so, they can normally embrace this kind of relationship. The main thing is that you need to tell her about this.

Lay aside the prejudices of a lifetime; of course, some middle-aged women fit established stereotypes. The behavior of any person will vary regardless of who he (she) is – a cougar, a young girl, or a young cub. If you’re intended to date an old lady, you need to forget about all the stereotypes. It is better to get to know her and find out all the information that interests you.

Show a cougar that you want to have a date with her. Let the woman know about it. The order of your actions depends on where you meet the cougar. For example, if you see an attractive woman in a bar, you can smile at her (if she does the same thing). If you’re interested in a female who jogs where you do, you should initiate the talk after the end of the run. You should not talk about something serious; the best topics for conversation, in this case, are weather and sports.

Be ready for rejection. If a female rejects you, you should take it with dignity. Do not threaten her or say bad things. You can just express your sadness (this can be done in a witty way).

Don’t try to be “old”. If you have a desire to meet an elderly female, you need to behave like a young man and not pretend to be an older person. Many cougars are looking for young men because they are more interesting, more open & more romantic. So, be yourself, and try innovative things on dates. Share your avocations (hobbies) with your female partner and find out more about her avocations. It might turns out that you have some common interests.

Respect promises made to a woman & be reliable. Most of the cougars had a lot of relationships They aren’t interested in bad games. Canceling a meeting at the last moment and forgetting to call, are things that are not accepted by cougars (unlike some younger, less experienced women).

Tips and warnings

If you’re seeking mature women dating, you should have realistic expectations. For example, if a cougar has a child (or children) and her age is over 45, it’s unlikely that this female wants more. Be ready to be condemned by others. Most likely, if you meet a female older than you, a lot of other persons can judge you. However, the most significant thing is mutual happiness, do not let anyone destroy it.

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