Myths About Dating Older Females (as Cougars Say) and Their Debunking!

Being a cougar isn’t an easy task. Older women dating younger men have to contend with the opinions of others; and, always be in good shape to attract young people. A cougar (“puma”) is an independent and young-spirited women who likes younger males.

The term “cougars” has become very popular lately. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many myths that concern the cougars. In this article, we’ll talk about these myths and try to debunk them (the article is based on the publications of real cougars).

Myth 1 – A cougar is a bad woman that hunts innocent young male persons

Hunters are usually men. Some young men prefer older women (different type of women, such as redheads, blondes, females with big boobs, etc.). Cougars are very confident in themselves; this makes them a sitting prey for young men. Often, young men just look for older women to have sex. They want to experience new sensations, as it is known that the “golden era” of sex for women is in their 30-40 years. Therefore, usually, an elderly woman is not a predator but a victim. Of course, some women are looking for young men at the best free cougar dating sites. But this does not mean that they are hunters. They just want someone to hunt for them.

Myth 2 – “He will cheat you! Look at Demi & Ashton!”

The problems of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore arose primarily because of the suspicions of Demi in the infidelity of Ashton. Demi Moore is one of the prototypes for a cougar phenomenon. However, she had many problems with self-esteem that does not correspond to the image of a typical cougar. Ashton cheated on her because he is, simply, just a cheater.

A cougar becomes bored with old men who lose attraction with age. In addition, these men lose their sexual power. Therefore, a cougar, often cannot feel the joy of living with an elderly man. As a result, she begins to look for a young fan.

Myth 3 – A young man will not be able to cause a woman’s interest for a long time

Some cougars say that when they began to meet with young people, they hated their musical tastes. However, over time, they also fell in love with unusual music (such as indie rock and rap for example). It is necessary to take into account the interests and tastes of others. This is the guarantee for a good relationship.

Also, it should be noted that the level of intelligence does not depend on age. Your young man may be smarter than many of your peers. It is known that many “pumas” go to bed late, talking with their young men about the meaning of life.

Myth 4 – A young man will want his own children

The situation when one person wants children and another does not want is a problem for any couple. Usually, young people do not want children and choose older females because they will not want a marriage and children.

Also, people often say that a young man should not choose a woman who already has children. Well, it’s a private matter for everyone. When a young man loves a woman, he will be with her, regardless of whether she has children or not.

Myth 5 – A female will not fit into circle of young man and vice versa

A couple can experience some negative cues especially at the beginning of their relationship. For example, people can say something like “Is this your son?” or “Who is this? Your mother?” In any case, there will be some that will support your relationship and vice versa. You should be prepared for any problem, ranging from admiration to hostile attitudes from friends, acquaintances, and even parents.

Myth 6 – With age, a cougar becomes unattractive to her beloved one

Cougars maintain their physical form in good condition and try to be attractive at a very old age. Any woman grows old over time, but the cougar does it gracefully. Cougars have money, time and opportunities that allow her to stay young for a long time. If a young man meets an older woman, it usually means that he chose her because of her mind and appearance.

Myth 7 – A cougar will miss the time while her young man will make a career

A cub has less “baggage”, such as a former wife and children (as is the case of older men). Therefore, he has more free time. As for an elderly woman, she can freely find a way to entertain herself while a young man is at work. For example, she may have children, a career, and a business.

Myth 8 – A young man considers his peers (females) more sexual

Young males find females sexual, regardless of their age. They say that an elderly woman is more experienced in bed and does various interesting things. Sexual energy often attracts younger male persons to older ladies.

Myth 9 – Children never accept cubs dating their cougar mothers

Over time, children will see that their mother is happy with the young guy (if this is so). If they are adequate people, they will accept their mother’s choice. They understand that their mom and her boyfriend should be happy.

Myth 10 – “Cougar-cub” relationships are unstable and will end after a while

This is a very common myth. However, it was debunked by practice. Usually, if people love each other, their relationship lasts a very long time.

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