Useful Tips on How to Keep a Man Interested in You & Save Relationship

Having met a beautiful man, a woman tries to attract him in every possible way. If she succeeds, she begins a promising relationship (as she believes), for which she can do a lot of things. That’s a given! After all, this is a loved one! She begins to devote to him all her free time, forgetting about her own interests & hobbies, which gradually decrease. The circle of communication becomes less and less. As a result, it starts to include only the lover. The woman thinks that everything is very good and she relaxes. But that is a mistake.

Possible problems

Plunging into happy dreams of a long happy life with a man, a woman does not notice any changes; especially, if they concern the behavior of your beloved one. Typically, all this is noticed a little too late. Sometimes, a long-awaited loved one, instead of offering hands and hearts, speaks of a break-up. Terribly worrying, a female begins to think over and over in her mind: “What has happened? Where did I do wrong? Why don’t I understand?” As a result, like most of the female population of the planet, a woman comes to the conclusion that “All males are bastards, they don’t understand what they want!”.

We will try to understand the reasons that lead a male person to lose interest in a woman he recently loved. Analyzing these reasons, and also following dating tips for women listed below, you can always remain the only one for your beloved man without worrying about your rivals. You simply will not have these rivals!

Some reasons why relationships deteriorate

It should be noted that all of us tend to seek novelties. Women may find these novelties in a new wardrobe or a new hairstyle, but men need a presence of novelty in his relationship with a woman.

Each man; in fact, is a conqueror. So, a woman should present herself in such a way that a man always wants to conquer her. This stimulates instinctive feelings of conqueror, and enhances interest in the woman. A female may belittle her own importance in the eyes of a beloved man if she looks like an easy meat.

These are the most significant aspects of cooling relationships between male & female. A variety of factors may serve as triggers of such a deterioration.

Ways to keep a male interested in you

How to keep a male interested in you for a long period of time? First, you should change yourself. You should be the woman of his dreams. You should look confident, strong, and perfect. As result, a man will not be bored with you. It is very significant from the very beginning of your relationship to let a male understand that he is unique for you.

So, here is the list of recommendations designed for keeping your man interested in your personality:

  • Reproaches, groundless blaming, excessive jealousy – all these things should be thrown away. In many cases, these things can lead to relationship deterioration. Keep calm when solving problems in your relationship. You should use such tools as comprise, to try to save your normal mood and that of your partner. You shouldn’t show your jealousy. You have to trust your man. If he is a cheater, just break off the relationship.
  • On any date with a man, you should always have a good mood. You should look your best, while remaining mysterious to some extent (not so much!). Your lover should think that you have an interesting life, which is full of events and great things. You should show your lover that your perfect dress and makeup are intended, exclusively, for your date with him.
  • You shouldn’t limit the freedom of your lover. This doesn’t mean that you have to encourage him into having relationships with other females; but, you should adhere to some limits. Your concern shouldn’t transform into total control, and the love shouldn’t switch to obsession.
  • Sometimes, you can try not to answer his calls or refuse to have a date with him, blaming some last minute urgent matters that need to address. These things will prove (as he will think) that your life is in full swing; therefore, you cannot have a date at any moment. However, don’t refuse a man too often. This may lead to the opposite of the expected outcome.

A man should be periodically surprised (in positive sense of this word). A female, about whom a male knows everything, becomes fully uninteresting. Active demonstration of your attractiveness to other male persons will help you to keep attention of your lover. If you have some complexes regarding your look, it is better not to mention it to your man. If you’re confident about your beauty & attractiveness, you look more seductive. A man should feel himself the cock of the dunghill. He wants to be a dominate person by his nature. So let a male make his own decisions & take care of you. If his decision is non-appropriate for you, you can change it into one that is beneficial to you (but you need to do it carefully).

How to keep a married lover?

You have a married lover and want to keep him? So we have some extra tips for you. You shouldn’t try to be like a wife for your beloved one. Such a behavior can scare a man person. It also means that you shouldn’t do routine things (such as cleaning & cooking) when a man is in your home. A lover has a relationship with you because he wants to take a break from daily issues, to enjoy love & harmony. As a result, you should be a perfect female who can bring him unforgettable happy moments and good sex.

To keep a lover who has a wife, you shouldn’t be a hysterical person. For example, if your beloved male cancels your date because of a need to solve any family issues, you should keep calm and give him support. You knew what you were signing up for, right?

If you want to keep a married lover, you should be calm. Do not whine if your lover does not invite you on the holiday. The best option in such cases is to find a hobby. Family is the most important priority for a lover. His legal wife has more rights than you are, at the moment. Do not become attached to him, you must understand that your relationship is temporary.

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